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Class Descriptions

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Mini Sports Blitz

Embark on a thrilling athletic adventure with the Mini Sports Blitz program, exclusively designed for 4-year-olds ready to jumpstart their journey into the world of sports! This multi-sport extravaganza offers a vibrant mix of activities including soccer, T-ball, dodgeball, and exciting races, each crafted to spark a lifelong love for active play.

In Mini Sports Blitz, we don't just play; we inspire young athletes to explore and develop essential sports fundamentals. From the exhilaration of dribbling down the soccer field to the thrill of hitting a T-ball or the teamwork in dodgeball, we supercharge playtime with purposeful learning. Skills such as dribbling, throwing, catching, and base running are introduced through fun, engaging activities, laying the groundwork for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our program is designed to nurture not only physical skills but also social interaction, teamwork, and confidence in a supportive, joyful environment. Join Mini Sports Blitz and witness your child's first steps into a world where play and learning go hand in hand, setting the foundation for a future filled with athletic enjoyment and success.